11 MarThe most common and prominent snoring causes

When it comes to snoring, we all know how tiring it can be, both for the person snoring and even more for the ones that have to sleep in the same county.

Snoring is caused by the airways getting narrowed or even completely blocked by tissue. It is also made stronger if someone has their nasal cavity either blocked due to allergies or colds, or as a cause of a deviated septum.

There is a whole range of snoring causes and there are those that we can do nothing about. These causes are the natural ones, the ones we inherit from our parents and ancestors. These include enlarged tonsils, thick and soft palate or an enlarged uvula. There is nothing we can do about these and surgery may be the only solution. However, do not go rushing into surgery.

Other snoring causes can be easily avoided, such as the lack of physical activity. You wouldn’t believe it, but the muscles in our throat also suffer if one is not active enough; they get relaxed and in turn one begins to snore.

Also the position in which one sleeps is important, as is the fact if their mouth is open or not. These can also be corrected in order to prevent snoring.

However, two of the biggest snoring causes are smoking and drinking. Smoking irritates the soft tissue of the palate as well as precipitates the accumulation of mucus which both lead to narrowed airways. Drinking relaxes the muscles and the tissue in the air passageways which can also lead to snoring.

Also, being overweight can also influence snoring, so it might be a good idea to lose a pound or two.